They didn’t know them. But two unclaimed veterans were laid to rest among ‘family’

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Eight Veterans, whose remains were never claimed by family members or friends "We’re here to ensure that no Veteran is alone when they are laid to rest," said Rick Crabb "Nobody knows these men and woman here. Not one of us," said Crabb. "But they’re home with fellow Veterans here now."

(An unknown from the Vietnam War had joined them, but his remains were removed and returned to his family. be laid to rest, and who gave not only their life but their name to their country. The.

Honoring another unclaimed veteran. Price is one of two deceased Lansing area veterans whose bodies were left unclaimed getting a hero’s burial this year. Both Kinnaird and Vogelsberg said, if any of McClees’ family members come forward or attend, he’ll gladly give them the role.

Two unclaimed veterans, of the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps, were buried Wednesday at the Fort Jackson National Cemetery with full military Two SC men isolated women, fed them drugs and sold their bodies for sex, police say. The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office has accused two men of.

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They didn’t have family. And like all veterans of the armed forces, he was not alone. On Wednesday, nearly 80 people – most of them veterans or family of active service members – gathered as Williams and another unclaimed veteran were laid to rest in the Fort Jackson National.