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The Dynamic Prodigy Lending Group For Your Home Loan In Odem, Texas

The Prodigy Lending Team encompasses of mortgage experts obtained from all corners of the United States. Our aim is to offer world-class mortgage solutions that are designed to meet your needs. We deal in a variety of mortgage programs that are offered at affordable rates. Our experienced team of mortgage experts will assist you to select a mortgage option that will satisfy your needs. We are able to meet your various mortgage needs including purchasing your dream home, first home, refinancing an existing loan, or consolidating debt. Our professionals are ready to help you find an affordable program that is the best for you.

Home Loan: The Most Competitive Rates for You  

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We have home loan choices that will meet your needs making us one of the best mortgage lenders in the United States. Our mortgage rates are current and most affordable designed to enable you to refinance your existing loan or purchase a new home.

You cannot miss a home loan that fits you! Be it:

Conventional Home Loans

  •  Low Down Payment – 3% Down on Conventional Loans
  •  Reduced PMI compared to FHA Loans
  •  Flexible terms – 30, 20, 15 or 10-year mortgages
  •  Low-Interest Rates with approved scores
  •  No Lender Fees!!!

FHA Home Loans

  •  Low Down Payment 3.5% down
  •  Qualifications, easy 
  •  Attractive Interest Rates
  •  Rehab Loans Available
  •  Higher Debt To Income To Qualify

Loan Requirements in VA 

  •  100% Financing for VA Loans
  •  No Mortgage Insurance for VA Loans
  •  lower closing cost for VA Loans  
  •  Easy to qualify for a VA Loans
  •  Best Current VA Rates in Odem

USDA Home Loans

  •  Financing 100%!!!
  •  NO down payment and Low Rates
  •  Low-Interest Rates For 100% Loan
  • Mortgage Insurance at Low Cost
  • Income and Home Location Must Qualify 

We value our clients and in doing so, we aim at strengthening our links with them in every step of the way. In doing this we hope that the clients that we serve will always feel free to continue offering us the opportunity to serve them. All the information that our clients give us, we treat is as the professionals we are and ensure that what they give us is kept in safe custody and no unauthorized entities or persons are allowed to access it. This is the opposite of what the other national mortgage companies do. In the communities that we work it, it is not lost to us that our brand is held in high esteem and is a position we hope to keep.

Kindly utilize and use either our phone or the technologies that are found on our website to contact us with any mortgage financial need that you have and our team shall be glad to assist.


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