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We, the Prodigy Lending, are among the best private mortgage lenders in the United States, and that is the reason we have been awarded the Top Work Places for the past eight years. We offer the current mortgage rate based on today’s market condition. So, our clients who stay in Dinero city should know that, especially those buying a new home or refinancing to a lower rate. This is because the market condition often changes throughout the day. We are known to be dedicated and committed to our work, especially when it comes to giving out quality service for mortgage needs. We have a team of mortgage professionals who have many years of experience and are capable of helping our clients get what they need. In case you are purchasing a first home, your dream home, refinancing an existing loan or consolidating debt, then you need to worry less. This is because you can contact us or interact with us using our site, and we will help you find the right loans program for you at the lowest rate possible. 

Here are the right mortgage loans for Dinero borrowers!

Conventional Home Loans 

The following are the list of terms and benefits of this kind of loan.

  • The government does not back it like VA loans 
  • They require low down payment from eligible borrowers of 3 percent 
  • Eligible borrowers enjoy reduced PMI compared to FHA loans 
  • To be eligible, you must have a certain credit score unlike FHA loans where you can get a loan with or without a credit score
  • They do not require lenders fees from eligible borrowers 
  • They offer a low-interest rate for their eligible borrowers
  • They give 10 to 30 years mortgage depending on the need of the borrower 

FHA Home Loans 

The following are the list of terms including the benefits of these loans.

  • Eligible borrowers who use FHA loan program can make a lower down payment of 3.5 percent 
  • Eligible borrowers with problems regarding credit score in the past can as well qualify for these loans
  • Borrowers enjoy lower credit score and debt ratios
  • Borrowers enjoy low-interest rates 
  • They have Rehab Loan 
  • Easy to qualify because they don’t follow the credit score of borrowers

VA Home Loans 

The following are benefits linked to these loans. 

  • Borrowers are not required to have Mortgage insurance to get a loan
  • Closing cost are lower and can be paid by the seller
  • No down payment whatsoever 
  • Borrowers are 100 percent financed 
  • They are backed by the government hence offer best rates to borrowers
  • Many states give additional benefit to Veterans like property tax 

USDA Home Loans 

The following are the terms and benefits of these LOANS that Dinero borrowers should check

  • They offer a low cost for Mortgage insurance 
  • Borrowers are charged with low-interest rates 
  • No down payment whatsoever 
  • Borrowers have to qualify for income and Home Location to get the loan 

We aim to create a strong bond with our clients so that we can continue providing excellent services for years to come.


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