Refined VA Home Loan Program, VA Home Loan Requirements & VA Mortgage Rates In Corpus Christi, TX

The Professional Prodigy Lending For Your Home Loan In Corpus Christi, TX

If you are a client who needs a mortgage, then you should seek help from the Prodigy Lending. We offer quality services to our clients who need a mortgage. Our crew consists of mortgage professionals across the entire United States. So, if you are within the Corpus Christi city, then definitely you will be able to get our services. Our crew of mortgage professionals will help you in ensuring that you get the loan that is customized to meet your expectations and situation given that there is the availability of multiple loan programs combined with the lowest rate in your area. As well, our experienced crew can help you get the right loan program at the lowest rate, especially if you are purchasing a first home, consolidating debt, or refinancing an existing loan. Like any other company outside there, we have our goal, and that is to create a lasting relationship with our client because they are the one that keeps us moving on with our work for years to come. We offer home loans such as FHA loans, Conventional Loans, USDA loans, and VA Loans.  We will discuss each one below to help our clients understand more.

VA Home Loans 

If you are veterans, service members, and eligible surviving spouses, then you should get your certificate of eligibility to get VA loans. VA loans are mortgage loans that resulted from programs established by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  So, if you are within Corpus Christi city and you are eligible borrower, then you should go for these loans. The terms of these loans involve several benefits to their clients. Firstly, there is no requirement for private mortgage insurance premiums from its eligible borrowers. As well, the closing stock is limited and can be gathered for by seller in most of the occasion. Also, they offer 100 percent financing to their borrower, and its qualification is quite easy, unlike other mortgage loans. Finally, they offer the best rates for a government loan. 

FHA Home Loans 

If you are looking for the easiest type of mortgage loan to qualify in Corpus Christi city, then you should consider FHA loans. This is because it requires a low down payment of 3.5 percent. As well, FHA loan requires a lower credit score and debt ratios. So, if you are borrower from Corpus Christi and you have a lower credit score, then you should not worry anymore. Also, borrowers of FHA loans enjoy the lower interest are they are charged and the availability of a rehab loan inside FHA mortgage loan. 

USDA Home Loans

USDA loans are well known for its benefits to eligible borrowers who are interested in purchasing a home in rural or suburban areas. So, eligible borrowers in Corpus Christi city living in those areas should take advantage. The benefit to enjoy includes; zero down payment, 100 percent financing for borrowers, low-interest rates for borrowers, and low cost for mortgage insurance. However, as a borrower, you should consider if you qualify for income and home location because it is part of the requirement for USDA loans. 

Conventional Home Loans 

The government does not back this kind of loan like VA loans. There are two types of loan that is secured loan and unsecured loan. Eligible borrowers of these loans enjoyed a low down payment of 3 percent and reduced PMI when compared to that of FHA loans. What is good with these loans as well is that there is no payment of lenders fees and offer loan interest rates for borrowers with an approved credit score. Finally, they offer 10 to 30 years mortgage so its flexible for eligible borrowers. So, eligible borrowers in Corpus Christi city should go for these loans. 


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