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The Prodigy Lending home loans have gained a lot of recognition and fame all over the United States, including Aransas Pass city. The reason for all this sort of recognition is a result of the quality services we offer to our clients. In Aransas Pass city, we have our home loan center that provides clients with lower-cost mortgage loans for refinancing and purchase. We gauge our clients based on their capabilities and then provide them with mortgage option that fits them. We offer the current mortgage rate based on today’s market condition. This is because when we keenly observe the market condition, we found out that changes frequently occur throughout the day. We believe that our effort toward helping people have yielded because we have been awarded as top workplaces for the last eight years. We are proud to have professionals who are experienced enough to help our clients get the home loans that are tailored exactly to meet their expectations and situation. Therefore, we will discuss the different home loans below so that our clients can choose their best based on the home loan requirement. 

USDA Home Loans 

The USDA loan is known in Aransas Pass to be the most beneficial program for homebuyers desiring to purchase a house outside areas that are densely populated. These kinds of loans are meant to assist suburban and rural Americans to attain the dream of owning a home. These kinds of loans are linked to a lot of benefits that open doors of homeownership to many borrowers who may fail to meet the qualification of other types of loans, such as a conventional home loan. The first advantage of these loans is that no down payment required. So, the clients will get 100 percent without the need to spend years saving for a down payment. As well, these loans are backed by the government and that added advantage for not paying down payment.  Other advantages include; low-interest rate and mortgage insurance cost. Finally, to get the loan, then you need to qualify for income and home location. 

Conventional Home Loans 

When the clients are shopping for a home in Aransas Pass city, then it necessary to find the mortgage that suits their needs. So, in Aransas Pass city, conventional loans offer a lot of advantages over other mortgages, and they should consider taking a home loan there. Firstly, the borrowers are needed to pay the low-down-payment of 3 percent, and that makes it easy for them to acquire the loan. As well, the PMI fora conventional loan is reduced when compared to FHA loans. Also, they have flexible terms and no lenders fee at all. Finally, they give low-interest rates with an approved score for their loans, making it even easier for borrowers to get the loan. 

FHA Home Loans 

This kind of loan fits low -to-moderate income borrowers in Aransas Pass city. The best advantage of these loans is that it requires a low down payment of 3.5 percent that can be affordable to borrowers. Other advantages include; low-interest rates, high debt-to-income ratio, easy when it comes to qualification and availability of rehab loans in it. 

VA Home Loans 

These kinds of loans are meant for specific people, such as the National Guard, military, reservists, and veterans. One of the great benefits associated with these loans is that borrowers are 100 percent financed. As well, no mortgage insurance is need from borrowers, and their closing cost is lower than other mortgage lenders. Also, provided you are one of the eligible borrowers, then it is easy to get a loan. Finally, it is backed by the government, so they offer the best rates for borrowers. 

Our main goal is to ensure that we are in good terms with our clients since they are the one giving us the urge to render good services for several years to come.


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