Disabled Army Vet to Receive $40K in Overdue Benefits

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The VA has notified a disabled Army veteran it will pay the $40,000 owed him in overdue benefits.

Thousands of veterans receive more than $100,000 in benefits every year from three different federal programs. triple-dipping: thousands of Veterans Receive More than $100,000 in Benefits Every.

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The Veterans Administration has notified a disabled Army veteran in New Jersey it will pay the roughly $40,000 owed him in overdue benefits. Ronald Choplinsky, 71, was facing a sheriff’s sale due to unpaid real estate taxes on commercial property he owns in Philadelphia.

A disabled veteran in Utah may receive a property tax exemption on his/her primary residence if the veteran is 10 percent or more disabled as a result of service. The maximum taxable value of a property is $260,370. Active duty armed forces personnel may receive a full property tax exemption if he/she is deployed out-of-state for military duty.

Receiving 100% disabled veteran Benefits from the DoD and the VA. Veterans cannot receive monetary 100% Disabled Veteran Benefits from both the DoD and the VA. This means that the amount of VA Disability a veteran receives will decrease the amount of DoD Disability he receives. Let’s simplify.

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